16 September 2011

:Mission possible:

My six months mission had just started. Eat and live healthy. More fruits, more exercise, sleep early and woke up early, and etc. I will post the list later. For the moment, I really enjoy the process. I want to be a good wife, so changes to be a better person is needed. Come with me, eat and live healthy. Bit by bit, I am pretty sure you will achieve the quality of life that you seek or need. I do not take ice in my drink anymore. My future mother in law look super young in her 64 of age by avoiding it, of course with exercise and proper life management.


  1. sis, gud luck..=)
    insyaALLAH, u'll be more healthy n better person (^__^)

  2. Dear lil sis,

    Hey laling, thank you! You made my day dear~