25 September 2011

:On a quiet day:

Today was quiet. I was alone at my rental house doing some cleaning and cooking while listening to my favorite music. I browsed the internet, say hello to dear friends in facebook, update my tweets, upload pictures in my tumblr, reading, and find some inspirations.

Talk about inspirations, I found it interesting on how some posts, comments, and sharing from strangers make me feel addicted to know more about their writings. There are a few websites and persons that I personally adore. How I wish I can be like them. Touching others with their beneficial writings. They talk about life, experiences, fashion, religion, and other matters that relate to us.

There are many good things in this world. Even the bad things are good if you take out the positive side of it. Go read and find some inspirations, I am pretty sure you will see things differently.


  1. salam.
    visiting ur blog also give me some inspirations..(^__^)
    hope my life will success as you...

    i do not know u well in real..but from your writing
    nice to know u...

  2. dear, tq for such a sweet comment. glad to hear that. ambil yg jernih, buang yg keruh ya. mane yg baik, ikut. life is one great journey, u will experience it all, love, hatred, heartache, depression, etc..sometimes u up, sometimes u down. just enjoy every moment of ur life k, either it is good or bad. have a great day ahead sweetie!