24 October 2011

Week review

Last week, I took a day off to accompany my dear bestfriend from Kuala Lipis, Pahang to an interview. It is a compulsory procedure for a PTD to bring together a personal judge who knew them for more than three years to verify every detail about the officer for national security. It does sound scary right? Alhamdulillah, it all went smoothly

After office hour, most of my free times last week were filled with business affairs. I am young and healthy, so this is the perfect time to earn some extra money. I am still capable to sleep late at night and woke up early without having severe dizziness. For 6 months, this is one of many sacrifices that I have to embrace.

Last weekend, I cook fettuchine carbonara for my dear fiancee, friends, and housemates. I also managed to cross-stitched roses. It is still in progress so I can't share it here yet. I just can't leave my hobbies, no matter how busy I am because they keep me sane, they gave me inspirations, and they gave me inner peace.

In the next post, I will share my life schedule. Ask me something that I really obsess with, damn sure the answer will be my routine. I am that kind of girl who plan everything first. I have my perfect life schedule, I list groceries items needed before off to mall, I count possibilities for action taken, I have a to-do list, etc. Lucky me that my fiancee understand me well while he on the other hand is a complete reverse from me. Till then, have a nice day!


  1. sis, jenis yg plan awal2 sume kan...
    tapi saya jenis yg last minute...(-_*)huhu~

  2. haha, sama mcm my dear fiancee. but he loves the adrenaline rush. if the end result is OK then go on~ BUT, if the end result is miserable and does not feel good about it, then it is never too late to change. Nanti dah ade family, lg susah nak catch up banyak bende. so, saya praktikkan dari sekarang.. nak start a bit hard, tp bila da get used, u will feel so damn good! ^_^

    have a nice day ahead sweety!