31 October 2011


1. I forgot to write about the Big Bad Wolf Sale. I went there twice. I splashed my money on arts and histories books. I wonder why I ended up in science where my actual interests are in arts. I bought books on cross-stitching, sewing, crafting, quilting, general knowledge, and Britain history.

2. Last week, we went to Sunway Pyramid to meet friends. I captured some inspiring photos while leisurely walked around. Please view my tumblr for more photos. We had our lunch at the Garden. The combination of white-green is indeed relaxing. Cosy and comfy. I am a tea-lover, so we decided to try the lavendar tea. But urgh, I will not suggest lavendar tea to all. A cup of tea, then we went wek wek! Haha. Barramunda fish and homecook mushroom soup are worthy to try on. On our way to the carpark, I found Daiso! Daiso is a Japaness-based shop where all items are at RM5. I bought a hand-grip to exercise my palms. I wish to give my future hubby a body massage but my palms are not that strong so I considered this as one of my efforts to strengten my palms. Anything for your love one, right?

3. I am a future botanist. Majoring in palynology (pollen studies mainly for taxonomy purposes). Anatomy is not my cup of tea. Theoritically, I know about the anatomy of plant, but I am not that good in it practically. I forgot when was the last time I draw the anatomy struture and recognized very single cells within the system. Last week, I had given a task to draw the cell map for plant cells. Maybe because I enjoyed drawing so much, the results are pretty good. Not just I learnt on how to draw a cell map, I gained knowledge about the cells involved. All thanks to Mr. Ruzi, a research officer who teach me all those things. Practice makes perfect.

4. Last Friday during lunch hour, Ummu, Mrs. Farah, and I were having our girls day-out. I bought a jog-suit; trouser with sweater, sport shirt, and a brand new sport shoe. I never have a branded sport shoe before, how I wish someone will gave it to me as a present. Haha. Most of my previous shoes are never exceeded 50 ringgit. Definitely the perfect time to indulge myself with the Adidas, right? It's black and purple. Simply elegent and pretty. Ummu and I had planned to jog everyday after the office hour as one of our efforts to get a slimmer body. Do not tell me that I already have a great body, because trust me fellas, I too have cellulite and fats. I got stress everytime I saw them!#$%^&*! STRESS!!*Jessica version in running man*

5. Expidition to Broga! Height-fear, yes, that's me! But hey, I managed to go up there and come down safely! Climb up is not the problem, but heading down is definitely a big problem. On the way back, I kept chanting to myself, She, you can do it! Come on She, you can do it! Dear friends too are super supportive, they kept saying Kak She, you can do it, just don't look down! One step at a time. I am one of the committees involved in organizing the expidition, and the funny part is that, most of the committees involved are at the back of the line. The students were super excited. Wonder where they gained so much stamina. Haih, old already. Up there, Subhanallah, the scenary is amazingly beautiful. Before you wish to go to Broga Hill, please jog!

6. My friends and I were having our lunch somewhere at Bangi uptown. A man came at our table promoting a book of hadith and a selawat CD at only RM6. I stop eating and listen to him. I took out RM6 and gave it to him. As simple as that, I bought a Selawat CD. After listen to the CD, its totally worth it. All the Zikrs are the one that I used to practice while in high school. A simple reminder, treat everyone surround you nicely. They are doing a halal job. Treat them nicely.

Those are few things that I remembered doing last week.

p/s: Currently having fever and backbone pain, so sumbat tisu dalam hidung untuk menghalang pengaliran keluar lava panas. Huhu.


  1. Salam...sis,
    seronoknya expedition~
    nanti upload pic views byk2 ea...

    p/s: take care ur health..& get well soon..(^_^)

  2. okai! i will. have a nice day ahead k ^.^

  3. Gambar kat Garden tu sape yg amik? Cantiknya~ hehe. She u bought a pair of Adidas?? Camane abg bleh tak tau. cis cis. Nak shopping gak... ;(

  4. Abg la yg amik, indeed cantik! Saje tak gtao, ingat nak abg tgk sendiri she pakai jog suit with d adidas ahad lepas, tp demam plop. huhu. next time kite jog k. jum shopping! tak shopping beli brg pon xpe, suke je jalan tgk2 brg ngn abg~ love u a lot!