14 October 2011

Need vs Want

I have always wanted to update my blog. One post per day. However, due to some circumstances and limitation, it can't be fulfilled. Since the exorcism of my friend at UM KL, I tend to talk less. Not to mention how tired I am for the whole week.

My fiancee too was tired and exhausted. Even he said he is OK, but his face just can't lie. A tough week for him. Lucky that recently, one of his besties is now joining his business and became new business partner. He finally got his sparring friend. I reviewed his SMS and it made me relief when they continually supporting and advising each other. Great men with great mission and visions. Hot, right? Hehe.

We are eager in business, but mine is not as strong as him. There are other things that I treasured more than money. Something that make me myself. Something that make me proud to be born myself. I love my routine, and wish to keep them with me. It does not mean I am not with him, I always support him, I always pray for his success, but I need to be me. I am at my best when I feel like it.

With all those business matters, we rarely have quality of time together. Even while having our meal, the topic mostly about business. Sometimes, I do miss our weekend together. I mean only the two of us. I miss those calls to make sure I am all right at home back then in Terengganu. At night, after work or business matters, I usually fall to sleep. A few SMS then knocked out. For few months, these are little things that we should bare with. After the glory are ours, then everything will turn out normal. Hopefully.

Few days before, I made 'Apam polkadot'. My first trial exactly. Do check my tumblr for more pictures. A little present for him to burst up his spirit. Cute, aren't they?

In the future, I do hope we gain what we pursue. Aja aja fightin!


  1. wah..sis.=)
    comey2 apam yg cute miut tu........
    tak lama agi ley jadi chef..=D

    hope u hav more happy n cherish life..~

  2. hey dear,

    nanti nak wat lg. u should try too! simple, and just online for the recipe, filling boleh tukar2 ikut selera, nak choc ke, mango ke. dis one akak guna mango.

    I am happy dear, hope u r happy too!