23 December 2011

My girlfriends here used to address me as cool 'unni'(sister). I talk less compare to them, react calmly when hot issues discussed, and care not about something unrelated to me or none of my business. However in certain situation, I have been address as nerd, too positive, and too honest in responding to their question. I can't understand jokes properly so I need to ask them first, "Ermm, you are kidding right? That's not real right? The good thing is that this attitude of mine always make them laugh.

I have been surrounded with many kinds of people. Some talk much, some love to laugh, some get things too emotionally, and some are just mind their own business. This tiny world around me is indeed wonderful to live in. 

Yesterday, one of my friends shared her experienced of nearly being peep while in the toilet at Banting's mosque. She shout "WOI!!!!". Haha. Then we imagined what the other friend will do if she's in her shoe. I said, "Haha, Ummu will blabbering as long as she could like "Woi, ko takde keje ke duk skodeng orang hah. Dah sangap sangat ke hah, @#$%^&%^&&!!!!!

Then they said, "Hmmm, kalo she camne ek?"...

While laughing..."Hahahaha, kalo kak she mesti die tak buat ape, duduk tunggu dulu dalam toilet tu, fikir diowang ni nak intai betul ke ni?Ishhh, takkan la. Hmm, tengok dulu camne, tunggu sat..haha."

When I told this to my fiancee, this is his reaction, "Haha, that is so you!"

Huh. Never mind. At least my friends knew me well. I am fine with that. Plus, I am happy. Happy with them, and happy with myself.

p/s: I am not cool, it's just that I don't like to talk much.  

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