07 December 2011

Reaching stardom-Part 1

6 December 2011

I tried my first wedding dress! I am over the moon right now. The feeling is awesome! Fitting dress, checked!

I told the boutique owner, “Oh my, I am so shy. Do I need to come out from the fitting room?” Well, of course I have to. No choice. Huu, but I really fall in love with my wedding dress. I just can’t wait to wear it properly. Do pray for me, ok.

p/s: The entry tittle aren't mine. Hehe.


  1. she,i'm sure u look great.. with ur height,u can choose an awesome wedding dress.. cant wait to see u on ur big day! btw,what is the theme color for ur day? hope we can wear da same as u.. hehe.. she,we pray for both of u n lutfi! :) -fae

  2. she she she! happy for u, dear! what's the theme colour for the day?

  3. faeeee! hey hey, thought u no longer read my blog, where have u been dear, sob sob. hehe. gosh, super shy. boutique owner siap usik lg, muke she merah, huuuu. plannya umah she nak putih pink/ cream pink. but the dress yg putih pink tu cantik sgt, hehe, so I thought mungkin elok kalo pakai kat umh belah lelaki..u know, wanna impress anak beranak die, hahahaha. kat dungun owg kata x cantik sgt design die, is it true?

    Najla sayang~kaler nanti da finalize, she msg k. please pray for me, semoga dipermudahkan urusan yang baik ni. tengah kumpul duit lagi jugak ni~huuuuu.

  4. she,i'm not going anywhere.. i owes read ur blog,but as a silent reader..hehe.. owh,pink is very nice actly.. esp for both of u yg bkulit cerah.. em,i lyke ur statement "wanna impress anak beranak die" gud effort tu she..hehe.. em,xpasti plak psl design.. sbb i just survey at dungun n kuantan.. dungun is cheaper than kuantan.. KL i dun know lah.. but i think der's a lot to choose in KL.. i've limited choice since fae ni xcukup ketinggian..haha;p dress yg dh siap xmuat.. alas,fae tempah sendiri utk nikah.. sanding pakai kebaya(sewa).. -fae

  5. Can't wait for D-day, sweetheart. May Allah ease everything for us. Can't wait to see you in that dress, officially.