27 January 2012

Always in my memory

It feels like yesterday I had my Roti Canai late at midnight with friends. Futsal behind the library. Sampling to Setiu, Marang, and etc with old rental Kancil. Loafing in 'Blacklist' restaurant while flirting and peeping hot guys. Scandals with men handball's team and rugby players. Messing with the river terrapin. Merempit to lecture hall. Intentionally put the test paper at corner of the table so friends beside and behind me can see the answer. Accident with best friends, ended up in clinic with four stitches, heavily crying. Spastic swim at Bidong, severely down after my first ever broken heart, dating with ex best friend, and of course lots more! 

Wedding is around the corner. More to come but memories during my single life will always be in my memory. Love you guys so much!*except my ex, haha*