31 January 2012

Clash of the titans

I am a girl who love rules. I love to obey the rules. Yeah, do not ask me to 'snake-ing' during working time. I am not that kind of girl who can easily accept mistakes. I live life with discipline. I love my routine. One of my weird habit is to tidy up the bed*tegang tanpa cela*. If my friends sitting on it, after they went away, I will tidy it up again. The bed must be in its good shape until my sleeping time at night. Not that I will prevent others from sitting or sleeping on it, I do not mind at all. Hm, a bit complicated to explain it with words. I have a sanitizer in my handbag. One of my normal phrase is.."tak nak sentuh, ada bakteria". People who do not get use with me will simply annoyed but for those who lingers with me will know that I truly mean it and did not meant to hurt others at all. If I buy books or etc, I will choose the perfect one. If I caught any slight imperfection, I will not buy those.

Somehow, there's a man who found that I am funny*which part?*

Talking about fiancee. I wonder how he manage to cope his last minute works. Live life without plan. For him, life is fun that way. Breaking the rules once in a while. I believe there are many women out there who live life just like him. I met some. They are funny and fun to be with. I want to live my life with honesty and discipline and I am happy that way as he is happy with himself.

But to say it in words, I doubt there's any existing words are enough to describe him. He taught me that life is not about perfection. It is OK to make mistakes. It is OK to not always on top. It is OK to wear 'selekeh'. It is OK when someone dislike you. Well of course, not that I will agree with everything that he said. I am happy by not being 'selekeh'. So, why would I wear 'selekeh'? Haha.

Maybe because of our differences, we tag along so well. Of course we have our arguments too. Even when he is a complete reverse from me, I want to be with him. I want to know more about him. When I am with him, I do not put my eyes on other men. I am loyal to him. I want to please him.  I want to be with him forever!


  1. dear she, I have lots of bacteria on me. How are you going to cope with that? huhu.

  2. It's OK, I will **** all those bacteria....@#$%^&*&^%%$##@*

    Kandungan 18 SX, tak dapat publish. muahahaha

  3. nasib baik korg dah hampir dgn perkahwinan...hahaha... *geli skit baca tp sweet* ♥♥♥

  4. dear NaimYmani, haha, sebab da dekat tu yg gurau 'kasar' sket tu, hahaha. habis rosak budak2 kalo baca nih. bakal mak budak xpe baca =p