16 January 2012


When I was young, I am eager in pursuing a great career. A fine job, a big double storey house, a car, and all other valuable assets. I graduated with a best student tittle. After graduated, I wish to have more knowledge, high paid salary, so I continue my master degree. I even plan to get a Doctor title as early as possible. I will not marry yet. Not untill I am 28!

That was the dreams when I was in a cacoon.

However, as I turned to be a beautiful butterfly, I see my future with a different perspectives. I talk and act differently. Good friends noticed my changes and they were extremely proud of me. They keep on motivated, not even condemn me even though we have different views of life. 

I have discussed the issue before with friends. What is wrong when an educated women wish to be a full time housewife. I got positive comments from my best friends. Of course some are disagree with the matter, but I am really glad when all of my best friends kinda give their blessings in my decision. It felt like an approval that I make a right call.

Certain girls may disagree with me. I would not say anything but respect your decision. We human raised, think, act, experienced differently. What ever decision you will make in life, think wisely.

My certificates? Well some said girls no need to get high level of education, sooner or later they will hang it in the kitchen!Well here is for you folks, I will hang my certificates in the kitchen! Haha. Take that. I never regret pursuing high level of education. The knowledge and experiences are so precious. I am who I am today because of education. Who would expect the higher you go, the more you value your life. Life is short. Fulfilled it with good things. Become a housewife, devoted yourself to family, get closer to Almighty, then what is more valuable than that. 

I dreamt of devoting myself to my husband. My husband definition would be the one who I really love with (100% love) and he must be a straight guy! Auw Auw tak nak aih, and he is the only man that I want to spent the rest of my life with. Sounds like disney stories? Well I believe in happily ever after. I dream of woke up early and prepare him a healthy meal. Prepare his suit/shirts. A neat socks ready near his polished-shoe. Woke him every morning to lead our Solah, kiss his hand, give him a big hug and telling him that I am  so in love with him. As he is off to work, it is a wife duty to clean the house and make it neat and comfortable to live in. Listen to his stories, accompany him where ever needed, pampered him when he is down, fooling around in our house, watch movies together, kiss him good night, and many more!

Obstacles may come, I pray may Him ease our path to the happily ever after.

I expect none in return, just honesty and love.

p/s: I do hope I will run a home base business. My own company at home! Sounds good, right?


  1. salam. she,i found this blog. ashra-aulia.blogspot.com. actly i'm a silent reader for her blog. hihi. she was an engineer before. but after that,she quit n be a fulltime housewife. from her writing,i can feel that she is enjoying her life at home now. maybe u can browse thru her blog if u're free. :) -fae

  2. dear,

    okai, will browse it! fae, check out aimfordsky.blofspot.com. Seriously, she's my idol~