19 January 2012

Blessing in disguise

Sometimes, unpleasant memories came flashing in my mind. With shake hands, vibrated voice, hell yeah it was pretty disturbing. A big sighing sometimes working. Somehow I manage to gather my strength and think, "It's OK She, it does not really matter if someone hurt you. Feel the pain, embrace it, and just be you. They hurt you, you treat them nicer. Just smile, hide your pain".

After the incident, I blame myself for reacting negatively in facing the problems. It all started when the inner side of me want to be heard. So I let it all out. In contrast, it may lead to bigger problem if I buried it down under, right?

Nope. I forgot one thing. I am being heard, by Him. He knows what I felt. He certainly knew my feelings. I am not alone. I have Him. Allah the Almighty. If I felt that I have been treated unfairly, to Him I should cling on. Do good deeds, you will be rewarded. I believe that.

Please forgive my sin.

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