09 February 2012

It was November 2009. I asked him to accompany me and Tajul to Kelantan. I need some extra hands to help me during the sampling so I texted him a simple message. I do not really knew him in person, but I definitely knew his name is Lutfi. Haha. After our first day in the jungle, we started to have a conversation. We tagged along really fast. After the sampling, we became good friends. We play badminton, sampling, and loafing together. In December 2009, we became real close till we had to make a crucial decision making. Though I knew him for just two months, it felt like I have known him for years. I am perfectly sure I have made a right decision. InsyaAllah. After everything had settled, we make it official on first January of 2010.

Getting to know him is a long process. I am a secretive person and the fact that I have to share with him my secret is one hard thing to do. We fought because of that. It took me a while to really open up with him. But to be honest, till today, I still have secrets that I only shared with my girl friends. Not that I do not put my trust in him, but certain things girls know best compare to men. Jealousy of course another big issue to cope with too especially at the beginning of our relationship. To develop trust is not an easy task. Especially when you are holding to the phrase "Men are not meant to be trusted". I said these to my girls.."I trust him, really, unfortunately he's a man, I do not trust men. A little exception, I will only put my trust in a man name HUSBAND!" In terms of attitude, we were proud to have each other. He's a boy next door whom mom would love to take as son-in-law. Ehem, me too*jump into the basket and hardly trying to lift myself up, urgh urgh*. Another thing to learn is the boundary between friends and our special one. We can't treat friends like we treat our special one. Simple example, I can't treat my boy friends like I treat my fiancee. Calling other boy 'abg' or 'papa' is a big no no. Just an example, Okeh. I do not do stupid stuff like that behind his back. Not even with my best-male-friend.  

These are just a few. More to comes right? When we live together, there will be more sides of him that I should know and learn how to handle. Men and women are different. Women can not expect men to think or act like them. Certain things, men just do not get it. It sucks sometimes, but that's the truth. Maybe that is the fun of it. I am looking forward to live with this creature called man.


  1. nice story..hukhuk..tinggl bbrpa hari lagi menjelang hari bahagia..moga jodoh berkekaln hingga akhir hayat..amin

  2. dear budak kacamata, tq for the wish! I wish u happiness too where ever u r