11 February 2012

I have been writing a lot recently. A good therapy for me. It is all about me, but please bear with it for a while. I have a paper to be written. End of this month, I have to submit an extended abstract. Dear friends kept worrying about me, asking me to take a rest, do not think too much about other things because this is a moment where women become emotionally unstable. Many things keep flashing in my mind. I have a lot to convey. An emotion which is too complex to describe. A few may understand, maybe. 

I seek some advices from seniors. Thank you all for sparing some time chatting and messaging with me. Thank you too for sharing your marriage problems so that I can learn something from it.  It means a lot to me. 

One of them said, 

The key in marriage are patience and tolerance. Men want to be respected, women want to be listened, sometimes there are many unsolved issues because it is better if we leave that matters away, yeah women got frustrated, BUT be patience She. The first five years is about getting to know each other, and it may take even longer. And remember, there is a HUGE difference when you compare the life before and after getting married. Have fun with it, She.

p/s: I read a lot about history, World War, renaissance, revolution and etc, BUT somehow I fail to realize that krabby patty is not the actual burger. Ended up being laughed by many. Damn! She, go home and watch Sponge bob, please. 

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