11 February 2012

My everything

I was born on 22nd of June 1986 in a small village called Kampung Baru Kuala Abang. I am the first girl in the family, so without a doubt I am the center of attention. At the age of six, my parent sent me to Kampung Baru kindergarten. That was the first time I am away from my parent. Yeah, I cried heavily. It took me a while to really adapt with the kindergarten environment. I remembered my parent occupied me with brown-coloured bag and pencil case for my kindergarten. My father sent me every morning and my mom or sometimes my neighbour pick me up..

I need a pause (T_T)

I did made them proud during my kindergarten. The biggest present to mom and dad at that particular moment.

During my first year in primary school, I struggled to get a good rank. I placed at 7th in my class. On my second year, finally I got the 1st rank in my class! As a present, my father brought me to a tour at Dungun. Bought everything I want to buy. I remember I bought a book on how to perform Solah, foods, and many more! We do not own a car yet so it was me, dad, and our old motorcycle!Because of the wonderful experiences, I performed well in every examinations and rewarded as best student. All thanks to my parent.

Pause, again (T_T)

On weekend, my father used to go for a fishing and netting as hobbies. Sometimes he got extra catch and sell it. It is my job to sell it to villagers by cycling my red-Le Run. My father bought it for me! Till today, some of the villagers still remembered me as the girl who sell fish! Being a kid is super fun, right? They did everything happily with a big bright smile. During school-year break, we followed my father to work. Sometimes we went to the rubber estate, palm oil estate, met various kind of people, visited many places, and snap pictures. I love to be in the picture back then. I am crazy over camera. Come to my house and you will see many pictures of me. On my last year at primary school, my parent throw me a big birthday party. They celebrate my birthday every year and that was the last one as they said, "Nanti dah besar, tak sesuai nak sambut besar2 sangat". They invited many people. All of my teachers are invited, a big-book-yellow cake for me. Haha. They know I love books, so they gave me a huge book-cake! Super fun, right? Again, thank you mom and dad.

My mom really want me to go to SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek, Kuala Terengganu. Alhamdulillah, I got the offer letter to study there. My mom took me to the registration. I was so afraid with my surrounding. Strangers, adult, and people who is bigger than me. It was a fasting season when I first registered there, so I cried everytime I want to break my fast. Everytime! I cried for more than a month! I want to go home. A warden, Cikgu Aminah called me and we have an eye to eye talk. She completely understand that I can't be away from my parent and what she asked me to do is, be patience for a while. I did that, Alhamdulillah, I finally recover from my terrible home-sick. Pity my mom, she came to visit me every now and then. Of course mom can't sit still if she knew her daughter was hardly trying to adapt in the new environment. Huhu.

The first day in matriculation, I cried too! I thought I was old enough to even cry. Huu. I have to accept that I can't be parted away from my parent. It took times to really adapt in the new environment. When ever I have problems, they will help as much as they could. When I am in trouble or facing some problems, usually I will cry. Cry because I can't tell them anymore that I have problems. I am a big girl now. I have to face it myself. Sometimes, when I ate a bread, I will cry. My parent know I hate bread, they will never prepare me a bread. They treat me so nice. That's why my heart simply move or hurt when someone hurt me. Even my parent don't do that to me. They know me well, they raise me well, they gave me love, they gave me so much till I don't know what to repay in return.

I believed I am being a good daughter to them. I  will try my best to repay everything that had done to me. I promise!

In several days, I am no longer their responsibility (T_T). My heaven will be with my husband. This is the hardest part of all. I cry for so many nights. I promise I will be a good wife to my husband, a good daughter to you, mom and dad. Thank you is not enough, I know it, but from the very bottom of my heart, thank you for raising me, I love you ma, I love you Pa.

"Ya Allah, panjangkanlah umur kedua ibubapaku, agar aku dapat berbakti kepada keduanya, selagi hayatku masih ada, Amin"


  1. Insya Allah, we will not be too far away from them. Sama2 duk Terengganu. Boleh slalu visit ;)

  2. [tears] --> everything going to be fine as we keep ourself to the creator as close as possible =)