28 March 2012

A new phase of life

A new phase of life with a new layout of my dear public diary. A virtual celebration. I am pretty satisfied with my effort. It's not that hard to play with the html code but surely they are quite complicated. Assistance from Google the Great is highly appreciated. Long live Google!

Many had asked me about my current life. Well, life is great. Being a wife to your love one is a bless. Yeah, the schedule had switched. It took me a while to really adapt in this new phase of life. Somehow I think I can manage it. Maybe, because I am a control freak. I mean in the house. I can't stand untidy house, so even if I am dead-tired, I will spare times to tidy them. Providing a cozy environment to my husband is one of prior responsibilities. Owh, I cook too! I remembered I hugged him and said sorry because I put too much salt in the meal. Haha. Lucky my husband is not a fussy-type of person. One thing that I forgot is to track back our expenses for groceries. Sigh. I have to keep the receipt in a box. 

So many to write here, but I guess that is all for the moment. I am sorry too because the other contents of this blog is still in draft. I will post it as soon as possible. 

Hubby, I know you will always stalking me! I love you dear!*Give me a big hug after you read this!* Hehe

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