07 April 2012

Marriage is a learning process

Day 53 of our marriage:

What have I learnt so far? A lot. I learnt to respect my husband. I learnt to let him be the decision maker. Let he feels the power of a leader. In return, I learnt to gave him trust and support. Trust that he will never lead me to the wrong path and support every single decision that he made. I learnt to be humble and devoted myself solely and sincerely for him. I learnt the importance of 'Niah'. Before I cook, washing, or cleaning, I recite a dua'. May Allah bless and guide our life. May He protects my husband and bless him with good health.

In terms of time management, I still struggled to find the equilibrium between responsibilities and times for myself. I am a private person. I love to be alone and enjoy the silence. Having a green tea while reading a book is a bliss. Not to mention I will be practicing yoga. Asanas yoga. I believed it will be a good therapy to find inner peace with light exercises. I can't practiced heavy exercises such as running or hiking due to my backbone problems. Allah is fair, He took away one of the ni'mah, He gave me others in return. I believed that.

Now lets talk about money management. After getting married, I do not have savings anymore. All burnt to wedding expenses. I guess I have to start it all over again. As a mere human being, I too love to have beautiful new dresses, shawls, and a complete set of furniture in my new house. Somehow, we are just about to start our life together, so I told myself to be patience and let the prior things settle first. It is not just about me now. But tell you, to resist myself from buying new blouses and shawls are tortures! Haha. I need them to impress my husband, but again, I need to be patience. Hm, for a moment, I can impress him with my good cook and good manner, right?

Besides that, I too involved in selling and marketing a beauty products. I will write about it later. It's a family products but tell you, it rocks! 

I guess I have to stop now. It's hard to find the mood to write again when your husband is right in front of your eyes. He stole my mood and everything that I own. I guess he own me now. Hee, see you guys later!


  1. Yes, you are mine! Here, and hereafter. Thank you for your love and patience (^_^)


  2. beautiful marriage! congrats she :) she, fae masa kat perak, makan atas meja jepun je. tapi dua2 xkesah. yang penting kita hepi :) pasal financial tu, dun wory. few months after wedding pun dah boleh recover. nanti boleh beli baju baru lagi :) -fae

  3. Selamat melayari bahtera kehidupan sebenar.. anggaplah ombak & gelora yang bakal ditempuhi sebagai cabaran yang mematangkan diri anda & suami tersayang untuk belayar lebih jauh...


  4. Dear lutfi lukman, You are most welcome. love u hubby!

    Dear CikPink, aih, ad blog? hoho, yup2, I believe dat, mmg awal2 da set mind utk sabar. awal2 kahwin mmg kna sabar sket financially. kami pon makan atas meja jepun, dlu mase mula2 masuk umah, makan alas simen je. haha. Alhamdulillah, rumah sewa sgt OK. yg penting neat, kalo x stress jugak. haha

    Dear Pencinta Alam & Penciptanya, tq2! glad to hear from u. ayte, will bury your advices deep within my head, hehe.

  5. she, blog ni dah lame. tapi tak update langsung. tahun ni baru start update balik. thelittlecikpink.blogspot.com.