11 April 2012

Eat and live healthy

I believe everyone wish to stay healthy for the rest of their lives. The desire to enjoy life to the fullest, hike every single mountain exist in this world, travel from east to west are one of many examples that urge us to always stay healthy. Did your mountain-high wishes parallel with your effort? How is your health routine?

Well, do not seriously answer that.

Last weekend, I attended a workshop entitled  "Live healthy with fruits". It really gave me a big 'pang' as I absolutely know and aware of most of the information shared by the knowledgeable speakers. But I did not practice it in my daily routine. We have to eat fruits everyday, check, I knew it. Did I practice it? No. We have to eat various colors of fruits because each one of them contain different nutrients and antioxidant compounds, check, I knew it. Did I practice it. Again, no. Eat fish more than chicken and meat, check, but still I love chicken more. Sigh. Avoid trans-fat such as fast food and our palm oil in cooking, use olive oil or canola oil instead, check, I knew it! Exercise regularly, damn, everyone knew it. Did I practice it? Hell no. Big sighing~ 

The dietitians and professor really choked me back then. After the presentation, I personally greet the dietitians, introducing myself properly, and ask them a few questions. Supplements. I took supplements such as Fish oil, folic acid for pregnancy preparation, and Glucosamine-Chondroitin, is it OK to take those threes daily? I wish to take Vitamin C too for skin, and Evening Primrose oil (EPO) for hormone-balance. All of them function differently. Plus overdose Vitamin C will not accumulate in our body, as it will come out as urine or sweat.

Yes, it is OK for to take those three supplements. Fish oil and EPO are within the same group. I do not really understand about the fatty acid though. Forgive me. So, just take one of them, but studies had shown that fish oil is in the highest rank compare to others within the group.  The dietitians did not recommended Vitamin C in pill form. Yes, it is water soluble vitamin but instead of just Vitamin C, they ask me to eat fruits such as Kiwi and Orange which contain complex nutrients. I will gain more benefits, right? 

Those three supplements are enough for me. So I guess I have to eat fruits everyday and make it a routine. Eat fruits together with performing yoga are my solution to gain good health. Plus, I have to take care of husband's health too as I am the one who is cooking. I guess I have to change my method of cooking.

An apple a day keep a doctor away is just a saying. In comparison to Kiwi, orange, and other fruits, apple is high in fiber but not in vitamins and other nutrients. So I guess, a better saying is "A fruit a day, keeps a doctor away". Thank you Prof.

So lets eat and live healthy!

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