11 April 2012

Skin care- Twin Lovely

My husband and I just launched a new blog specially for a new skin care product line called Twin Lovely. Ancient recipe in modern packaging, no modern chemicals, simply made from gifts of nature. For those who suffer acne, scars and pigmentation, this product is highly recommended. More importantly, it brightens your skin naturally without exfoliation! Plus, for those who wonder why my mother in law looks super young in her 65, this is the answer!  Here's the blog --> TwinlovelyKT

This one is a family business and in fact, the reselling is quite restricted. You will never find this product in toko-toko jamu out there. They are very particular about the quality and the marketing. The person behind it is my aunt in Kelantan. Her face got really bad after a couple of laser treatments. Then she came across this ancient recipe, tried it, and now she's looking gorgeous. 

My colleagues couldn't thank us enough. One of them is getting married happily soon. So do have a look at the new blog. Even if you are not interested, please do share it with your other friends. They might be grateful to you for the rest of their lives!

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