13 April 2012

Bonding time via miniature garden!

Parents has been programmed by the “baby educating industry” into thinking that in order to survive in today’s global economy, kids need to be better, brighter, and busier than ever before. Somehow, they did not know that young children who explore, investigate, and experiment through PLAY build strong foundations in every important area of development, including intelligence, language, social competence and emotional security- Michael Meyerhoff in THE POWER OF PLAY.

I would love to stress up upon outdoor play instead of indoor. If you drive around the cities and towns to see what kids do, then pity you. There are very few kids outside.Research has shown that outdoor play takes a far bigger role in people’s memory than indoor play time, even if hours outside are fewer than those within. To be fair, parent are not solely to be blame. Many bad incidents happen recently, right? I guess that maybe one of the main concern.

Well here I would like to share something that I'd read and trust me it seem to be very fun. Dear parent, take note.

A miniature fairy garden for your kids! Oh my, I love gardening!

What you need are:

barrel/ big size pot (just make sure it has a hole for drainage)
Potting soil
little rocks (painted)
little furnitures
coconut shell(half)
Earthworm (optional)

1. Once you have picked out your container, fill it with potting soil, leaving it about 6 inches deep.

2. Next, plan how you want your Fairy Garden to look on a paper.You can create hill by mounding the soil and the valley by grooving the soil.

3. Earthworms are optional. They are great soil aerators and help for good soil drainage (plus, they give the little one something to do so that he doesn't keep destroying the soil hill you have so carefully built =p)

4. When choosing plants for your Fairy Garden, be mindful of the scale you are after. You want it to look like a miniature garden. Moss is the main ground cover and too many other plants may detract from the mossy atmosphere. Let your imagination run wild as you choose plants that you think is right.

5. Also, keep in mind the color combinations. Colours will add texture and interest to the Fairy Garden. Another consideration when choosing your plants is to make sure the combination you choose all like the same amount of sun and water. If you are going to be using moss, remember that moss likes sun to part shade and lots of water. Make sure you choose other plants that like the same. If you are going for a desert garden appeal, pebbles, rocks and various cacti look wonderful, but do make sure that too many prickles won't deter your little one from playing in his garden.

6. When your plants are in their place, set in your pond. Your pond can be any smaller container. We used a coconut shell but you can use a glass bowl, a porcelain bowl, a metal bowl. Anything that lends itself to the magic and natural feel of your garden. Do not place your stones until you have planted the moss.

7. with the pond in place, it's time to plant your moss. Carefully break off chunks of moss and contour it over the landscaped hill and valley, around the pond and the tree. Remember to leave space for your path.

8. Then set in your rocks and pebbles for your path. All at once, your Fairy Garden looks like the magical wonderland that it is.

9. Set in a bench, a table and a chair.

10. I believe everyone has their creative-potential, so let it out! Its bonding time with your children. Go go go!

Credited to The Magic Onion!


  1. nice sharing she! teringat kemahiran hidup masa form3 pun buat gini. comel! :)-fae

  2. Cik Pink cayang~

    my muses~i read a lot these past 3 years. while blog hopping, i did found some interesting fact esp the culture and mind set of western people. They are just different~ I mean in a good way

    I have read this magic onion and some other free lancers blog for quite a long time~day by day, I just kept falling deeper wit them. Hard to explain, but this is what we call INSPIRATION, right?