19 April 2012

Stranger in facebook friends list

There are a few strangers in my facebook friends' list with only  one or two mutual friends.  Not to mention list of awaiting for my approval strangers. Strangers here means people who I do not really know. Bumped once or twice and did not have proper conversation is consider as stranger to me. Most of them are my husband friends and sometimes my husband did not know them either. It is just that they were from the same university.

There are some of them who added me in facebook just to look at my photos. "Owh, so this is Lutfi's wife". Some are just pathetic stalkers. Some are just gossip-lovers. But do not get me wrong, most of them are real nice people.

Recently, I approved some of his friends. Then I message them personally intoducing myself and in return I would love to know about them. I do not want strangers in my facebook, so I started the conversation first. It went well.  

Still, I have many friends in facebook who I rarely keep in touch with except close friends. So I guess, I have to message them first and have a lil chit chat.

What about you? Many friends but do you keep in touch with all of them? If not then it's bonding time!


  1. kite pn dh lame xkeep in touch,right?

  2. kak, agreed! so I guess we need to keep in touch more now.. maybe we can share info on how to be a great wife since u r getting marry too~ happy for u, semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan kak. my dua' for u dear friend~

  3. I'm not a stranger in ur friend's list rite, sis? ^^ kekeke...

    1. Dear Yayah,

      Hey hey, you are Unisza student right? But I am not sure whether I have a chance to teach you or not. Maybe we should keep in touch and greet each other a lil bit more, right?