25 April 2012

House of Pakeeza and Tonka Bean Cafe

We visited my little sister in University Malaya and brought her to the House of Pakeeza, Petaling Jaya. Pakistani foods. The foods are pretty satisfying, just have a look at my husband's Briyani Mutton! I visited quite a few of Arabian stores. I remembered having a lunch with office mates and they brought me to the Arabian food store at Putrajaya. They made a food's condiment from tomato and lime. I found that really healthy and delicious! I am not so into belacan*tak suke pedas*, so after that I always make tomato-lime's condiment at home! 

My brother in law treated us dinner at Tonka Bean Cafe Deli, Impiana KLCC. The foods are OK. Hmm, OK here means biasa-biasa sahaja. They sell environment more than foods. If you wish to splash your money once in a while, do visit this place OK.


  1. abg punye burger pon best! nak burger bakar lg! kisses to u~~~~~