04 May 2012

Write beautifully

To have a masterpiece, some say we need to read a lot. A fluent and superb English may assist too. Some even say we have to pour our heart while writing. The urge to write beautifully is getting stronger especially after getting married.

I have grown up again. Grow to my next phase of life. To feel more. To love more. To live more. By writing beautifully, my inner soul is in peace. My heart bloom everytime I read my written-emotion. It separates the old and new version of me. As people change, emotion evolved too. I tend to care more and give more. And of course, all those beautiful feelings are solely for my husband.

I have a loving husband. I will trade him for nothing. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. He inspired me everyday to be a good wife. To accept flaws and improve to the better. He is the main reason why I want to write beautifully. I am afraid if I can not  portray him how much I love him. I want him to feel me. My emotion. Instead of just conveying my love through action alone, I want him to taste the sweetness of my words.

Plus he loves to read my writing. 


  1. This, by its own, is a beautiful piece, dear. Keep on writing. Muah2!