25 May 2012

Avoiding the unacceptable

I deactivated my fb account. There are couple of things which make me upset with fb, so I chose to temporarily deactivated it. It really upsets me seeing people condemning and shitting each other especially among Muslim. My heart shattered like a broken glass everytime I read harsh comments displaying at fb walls or at any forum. Even when you think you are so right, who gave you the license to look down on others? There are always better ways in advising or sharing an information. I believe there are proper ways in addressing them. Did not we brothers and sisters in Islam? So why can't you stop the cat and dog fight?

Even worse, you share some humiliating pictures of others, exaggerate about it, and kidding on it. Even if you hate them that much, does it even occur to you to think that they are someone's mother or father. Is your heart that cold to even feel a slight pity for them? 

I pity myself for being vulnerable and unable to do anything about it. I did advices many times via fb yet to no avail. I was totally affected by Muslim community in fb recently, so I chose to be in silent mode. 

Every time I read those, I felt like my heart was tainted with dark-evil spot. Years ago when I had my first-time menstruation, I swore I will take a very good care of my heart. There will be no room for 'heart-sickness' or the deadly-sin. But now, every single day I failed to sieve all those unacceptable things Muslim did from hurting me internally. Reading them make me feel uneasy, angry, sad, and terribly dissapointed.

I will be back in few days after my heart and mind are in peace. Please, be good, okai! 


  1. She, high five! Been doing the same thing. Deactivated my Facebook account for almost a month. I guess we are sharing the same reason. I hate to see some of OUR friends who love to debate over politics (konon-kononnya) but at the end kinda refuse to accept other's opinion.. It is not wrong, at least they have their own beliefs, but for me, if you want to debate, first..you need to equip yourself with the knowledge and if you want to debate over the issue, do not be too emotional. nak berdebat, biarlah dengan akal, bukan dengan perasaan. it's sickening!

    kinda regret it at the first place because fb is the main source for me to get updates of the hot and latest gossips among friends.

    Sometimes, I do cheat, (activate jap..pastu deactivate balik) muehehe.. and now i think i can learn to live without it. dunno when will i re-activate the account permanently..


    sekarang saya laaaaagi banyak merepek kat tuiter and belog. *mih mih*

    1. Dear jla,

      hey hey, high five dear! yup2, total regret coz I know I will miss my dear friends there. Tp dis is just for a while, nanti dah tenang, activate balik. windu nk contact kwn2 jugak~

      She layan politik, but ad limit. ni smpai gaduh2, fanatik, bla bla, mau rosak minda. huhu. bahasa yg diowang guna teruk2. so better avoid lah dlu. hehe.

      Owh, definitely missing u! hee

  2. she, kadang2 certain memori tu kita blh simpan dalam hati dan minda kita sorg je, ngak dapat dibukukan or di dokumen kan :) :)

    1. Kak Ila, banyak sgt memori yang x perlu di dokumenkan, tp banyak jugak memori yang perlu didokumenkan, esp if we r dat kind of person yg suke menulis and membaca. plus dis blog is for my ownself, not other readers. I love to write and read it back.

      Bnyk sgt simpan dlm hati and minda, she takut she lupa~I do not want to lose that kind of precious moment. Plus, I write for myself. Bukan nya write utk sape2 baca. But if other read it, I do not mind it at all.