29 May 2012

Weekend funspiration 3

1. My best friend's wedding at Kerteh 2. With my love at Temerloh 3. My alien-face vs handsome hubby 4. Peace y'all 5. Mok Yam and my ma 6. Me and little sister 7. At home 8. Lovely cousin 9. Gifts

Wedding bells were ringing here there and everywhere. What a weekend. My pretty cousin got married to her man, so do my best friend. To both of my love, may Allah guide you all the way. 

Lots of love from me! 

p/s: I just found a cooking blog, not many followers tho because he wrote in English. Maybe. Subtly became my new obsession because he is real good!*well judge on the pics* Did I mention 'he?' Deng. Yup, and he cooks better than me for sure (T_T)

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