30 May 2012

On cooking

Do you guys enjoy cooking? I do. Since single life, I enjoy cooking very much. From simple dishes to a little complicated one. My biggest inspiration is of course my mother. She cooks everyday. Anything that my father wishes for will be granted. I tried to be just like her. Fulfill my husband's desire is a must. According to friends, they said that I do not have that kind of cooking-face. I look like a high maintenance girl who rarely go to kitchen. Haha. I remembered cooking for housemates who is a senior by age, she too was shocked that I can cook. Hey, do not judge a book by its cover, OK. Even a little kid can cook nowadays, right?  

I reached home from workplace around 5.30 pm or over 6 pm. After performed Solah, I got rid of everything and started to cook. Sometimes I finished nearly at 8.30 pm. I cook at night too. Sometimes I made deserts. It all paid off you know seeing your love one ate your meals. However, due to some limitation especially my physical strength, I fail to do so. I can't stand long enough because of scoliosis. Time? I will never put the blame on time. I believe that we all can cook, it is just that how much you really want to do it. Everyone is tired and have thousands of excuses*like me* but here's the thing, hendak seribu daya tak hendak seribu dalih.

If you do not know how to cook, just online and you will find millions of sharings on appetizers, main dishes, simple recipes, soups, vegetables, and even traditional cooking. Trust me, seeing your love's facial-expression while eating your meals are priceless, either delicious or not, the facial expression is precious!

p/s: I was surrounded by friends who enjoy cooking as much as I do. Dear, proud of you guys. Keep on sharing!


  1. Nak ketupat sotong versi kelantan!! Hehe. Thank you dear for all the dishes full of love ;)