01 June 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman 2012

"Mirror mirror on the wall, who's fairest of them all"

I have been repeating that line since I first saw its trailer. Charlize Theron is absolutely one brilliant actress. I grow up watching Snow white. My father loves it too. When I was a little kid, he bought me a video tape and CD of that widely known fairy tale. 

In Snow White and the huntsman, the story is a little out of the tipical fairy tale of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The princess seem emotionless. I can't see the generousity and pure kindness which make Snow White, is Snow White. Either the director wanted her to be portrayed that way or Kristen Stewart just can't let go of her Twilight-face. Plus the movie is about war so I guess maybe she need to show a little emotion which completely out of the traditional damsel in distress. Do not compare her with Amy Adams in Enchanted. It's incomparable.

The evil queen is well played by Charlize Theron. No doubt at it. Actually the main reason why I wanted to watch this movie is Charlize Theron. Hehe. The phrase "Beauty is my power" suit her well. The evil queen is definitely the one who rocks this movie. 

In the cinema, I saw many parent brought along their children. I wonder whether they were aware or not that this is not the tipical Snow White and seven dwarfs. But the animals and fairies part were still there. I guess most of the children were mesmerized by the special effects. They went "wooooooow!". Indeed it is beautiful.

It is not a total waste if you go and watch this movie. I like it. Not because of Charlize Theron or "Thor". Really, I like it.

If you need some information on the movie, just visit rotten tomatoes.

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  1. Kristen Stewart was still totally twilighted~ Change her and change the scriptwriter, it would have been a great movie