15 May 2012

Happy mother's day, Puan Mahni Che Min

"I am a big girl. I fly with my own wings. I chose my own partner. I lived separately with them. I lead life based on their guide, thought, and blessings but judgement is on my very own hand. Decision making is all mine. I own myself. Because I am a big girl now".

Sounds like a real adult. Nah, that was not me who did the talking. Not yet. Or forever will never be.

Somehow I realized that I am still a spoiled little girl when I have to call her and weeping about my hair-fall problems, reddish on my face due to allergy, and sobbing while complained  on smelly freezer in my rental house. 

I guess I am still mommy little girl. Happy mother's day mom! May Allah grant you with longevity of life, prosperity, happiness, and may His blessings fall upon you.

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