19 May 2012

Weekend funspiration 2

It's weekend again! I have many enthusiastic and wonderful things to share. Like always! I would love to get wet with paint this time. I will splashing some carbon, colors, accuracy, sweat, and effort in creating a masterpiece. Did I ever mentioned how I am madly in love with art? Good friends would have noticed the excitement when I am surfing on arts and history. Back to the topic, an artist need an inspiration before they really manage to translate their thought and ideas on canvas, right? So, here are my inspiration for this weekend!

I failed to post the excitement of last weekend because of presentation's preparation. Somehow I manage to watch movie and hang out at The Dome with my husband. Maybe I should post it in my tumblr. Owh, my husband inspiration for this week is Might and Magic Heroes VI. Glad I bought it for him. Just like a little kid who need to be pampered by his mom. Owh my baby. My biggest inspiration!

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