19 June 2012

Happy birthday to my ma in law

18 June is my mom in law's birth day. Happy birthday ma! I already wished her via phone tho. It's good to hear her cheerful voice. She's 65 years old yet still strong and beautiful. What a wonderful woman she is. It is still early to describe or elaborate much on how wonderful she is, but having her as my mother is a bless. She's good at cooking, gardening, sewing, and everything. What I love most about her are her belief and faith in Allah. One of her words that really move me was "Hok Allah atur tu molek blako". What a good servant she is. May Allah protect her. 

"Dear Allah, please bless my mother with the longevity of life so that I can learn many things from her"

p/s: She looks young, right? PM me if you wish to know her secret ^_^

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