07 July 2012

Embracing the funspiration life

1. My birthday celebration with labmates 2. With Aini and SV. Happy birthday to them too! 3. Berry Pavlova at Ben's 4. Little espresso at Ben's. Kaw! 5. My 26th birthday present! 6. My engagement ring, wedding ring, and watch. TQ darl! 7. My friend's boutique. Secret celebrity. D2 G3 Publika Solaris Dutamas 8. With Liz, the boutique's owner 9. Floria 2012 10. Hubby pose with the Bouganvilla 11. Me in the hall, Floria 12. Nando said I'm not so brave 13. Little White Cafe 14. The Dome. Love the Berry's drink 15. The Apartment The Curve 16. Home-made Dory for hubby! I went blushing everytime he praise my cooking.

Despite all the sorrow, hubby said to just ignore the stalkers and keep on posting about happiness. We just can't satisfy everyone and we can't stop them from stalking and judging. "Allah is always with you my dear". Beautiful-encouraging words from a man called husband, right? I shed my tears and here I am, posting and sharing my happiness again. 

From us, with love.


  1. Byk dah tempat yg kita gi after marriage ek? X perlu sedih. We can't please everyone. When u're happy, I'm way happier (^_^) Insya Allah kalo ada rezeki kita selalu gi jalan2 ek. Insya Allah kita share jugak dgn orang lain ;)

    1. I am recovering. I know, when I am down, I let others down too. I am coping my dear*with blanket, fetal position, and teh susu* :) of course ur hugs too~ love u sayang.

      Semoga rezeki kita bertambah-tambah. Kita kena istiqomah solat Dhuha ayte