26 June 2012

A little shifted of priority in life

Providing healthy meal for hubby is one of many prior things to do. My Instag pics.

I changed my header. I just felt like doing so as I am not in the mood of updating my blog anymore. It acts like mind trick in encouraging me to stick with blogging stuffs. But my heart was not really there. I forced myself to write for the sake of this beloved virtual heart of mine. I guess maybe I just getting old. Priority had shifted. Interests had been divided. Or maybe that's just me giving excuses, and putting the blame on Facebook, Tumblr, Tweeter, and Instag. Forgive me but recently, I have set my eyes on articles, books, and certain websites that triggered my childhood's dreams. I can't stop. It's addictive. 

I wrote about my childhood ambition right? I was eager and excited to became interior designer. I draw, draw, and draw. My inspiration at that particular time is my big brother. He is so good at drawing and coloring. However the excitement just lost as I entered secondary school. Really. Just disappeared. Now after a long hibernation, the feelings rise again. Somehow, to pour commitment now is not as easy as ABC. I need to sacrifice something in order to achieve other thing. I am no superwoman. I can't do many things at one shot. For the moment I really enjoying myself with art, cooking, cleaning, and find peace with my schedule. The last part is so hard to achieve especially when you have the cute sweetie pie in the house. I am tightly chain under his spell. Hm giving excuses again, am I? 

But dear blog, I am not letting you go just like that. I tried to make linkage between you and my utmost desire for this moment, so that you can feel me, and I can feel you too. Mutual respect. Every time my eyes glared at you, I smiled. Even though it's not exactly what I want it to be portrayed but it's OK.  Little by little, these pieces of jig-saw puzzle that I created will be completed. Scrolled down to our memory lanes together made me realize how wonderful you are in my life. I can see myself evolved and changed from times to time. I have grown bigger, right? Well dear blog, I hope you like your new header though I chasing my own times in finishing this piece. In times, I will make it a lot better. I promise! Because you blog is one of the most loyal friend of mine. 


  1. Replies
    1. hey babe, hope u r still young and kickin. ahaha. me old already!

  2. so...who is this cute sweetie pie u're talking about? I'm just curious...

    1. baby elephant on our freezer, or maybe my little houses on the rack, or my little globe, or my basket of fake flowers on the freezer, or urm, my man! he's so adorable, just can't get enough of me, fooling around like a child, making the ultimately-cool me miserable. Just can't get enough of him. Owh Yes, he's my cute sweetie pie~