06 August 2012

A little reminder to myself: Temporary world problems are nothing but temporary

Most ordinary people kept thinking about their never ending problems. Work, life, or love. Some problems never need solution. Just let go of it. Instead of wasting times thinking about the temporary world problems and continue hurting yourself, why don't you spent your precious times thinking about your fate later in the eternity world. She, golongan kanan atau kiri?

Once, I had wasted my times a lot. Thinking of unnecessary things. However, I did not took long enough to recover and set my foot back on the ground. 

The key is not to think much about it. Let go, forgive, and forget. I don't think on how to undo and redo. I don't think what had and will happen to the other lane. I do not ask why or what if. Everyone has their own life to live and carry on with, and as Muslim, I pray for their happiness in whatever they do. Am I in sorrow? No. I am no longer in sorrow because I have Allah. I put my life on the right track back and continue moving forward. Alhamdulillah, I have my happiness now because I stick with the key. It is not hard. Everything is on our shoulders. If we chose to think, then think as long as we want. If we chose to be gloomy, then just be gloomy for the rest of our life. We decide our own path. But let me stress up here, DO NOT WASTE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME. When everybody is moving forward, don't let yourself down.

She, jangan jadi golongan yang rugi.


  1. Always come back and read this when you're having a hard time, k ;) luv ya.

    1. will do! but can't stop myself from crying. naturally come out