06 August 2012

Deep in pain but deeper in love

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I am having a tough month. A tough Ramadhan. Battling with scoliosis. Alhamdulillah, great support from my love, family, and friends. My supervisor sent me an email conveying her dua', Allah menguji hamba yang dikasihiNya. Thank you Dr. Those words are indeed soothing and calming.

Despite the pain, I am trying my best to fulfill my duties as His servant, and a wife. After Solah, hubby never forget to cite "Bahagiakanlah kami sepanjang hayat kami, tambahkanlah rasa cinta antara kami, agar kami saling sayang menyayangi sepanjang hayat kami". Honestly, a dua' from my husband is the ultimate weapon to combat against my disabilities. This man loves me wholeheartedly. Then tell me, which part of me that is not melted by his pure love? I push myself to be strong. I promise to take a very good care of him, and I will love him as much as he does. I want to be my husband's wife here in temporary world, and also in the eternity world. A solehah wife, that's my target. In order to achieve my target, I kindly ask my husband to lead and support me all the way. I believe I am on the right track, and I pray for other Muslims' women to aim for jannah too.

Husband, as you read this, thank you for your love and support. I love you dear. 

"Ya Allah, jadikanlah hambaMu ini hamba yang solehah disisiMu, jadikanlah hambaMu ini isteri yang solehah di sisi suamiku, Ya Allah, dan jadikanlah hambaMu ini anak yang solehah disisi kedua ibubapa ku"

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