04 August 2012

Speak it out to your crush

Social networking do offer great spaces for youngster to speak up their mind, right? Owh, and also their heart. I have came across many of them who wrote about their crushes, that they are afraid to declare it so face to face. The main reason I guess is due to rejecting issue. And whether or not they will act like nothing had happened after that. They will provide you with long list of excuses and consequences. True story.This is my piece of opinions. Others may disagree, forgive me.

If you have a crush, why don't you just speak it out. You just can't guess your luck. If you are shy, then send a middle man/ woman. Do the investigation! Hehe. Instead of dreaming every day and night, why don't you do something? It is painful to watch our crush do the tango with someone else. Where we actually have the chance to do so but we insist at the very first place.

If you are a guy, there's an interesting video of Ustaz Azhar Idrus, explaining on how to get a spouse. The key is brave, courage and how much do you want it. For ladies, it is a universal fact that look really does matter in relationship. I had posted this before and I would love to repost it once again. 

All women are beautiful. Short is sweet, tall is pretty, white is fair, black is elegant, thin is gorgeous, chubby is adorable. There's no way you will end up being ugly.

Forgive me, I excluded fat in the list because it is unhealthy. There's a huge difference between fat and chubby. Please read more about obesity. I am not going to write about it here. So if you are lack of confidence, find ways to boost it up. In a good way, OK. Be comfortable with yourself. You know best about yourself, aren't you? I am not in a good shape to give more advices too because I am not perfect myself. 

But in terms of speaking out the truth, yes, I did it. I told my man my true feeling and ask him whether or not I should wait for him. He said please, wait for him. And I did wait even though at that particular time I was linked with someone else. I told the other guy the truth too which end up miserably because I was too honest in the break-up. A little advice from a friend, never told hundred percent stories when you do the break-up. Just share a few percent. Please take that advice or you will end up like me. Hated by him, for the rest of my life I guess. Well I took my chance. 

Life is a gambling. You may lose a little but mind you, you may lose everything too.


  1. I'd say, we have some good stories for our future generations. haha. All in all, I hope everyone achieve happiness in the end. Of course we had to go through some process and dramas, sadness or bitterness, but in the end, they will all become precious memories. In the end, we'll be sipping hot tea and laugh about it.

    1. Yes, we do have great stories about our journey together. I can't wait to tell Sakura and Rai about you!