04 August 2012

Weekend funspiration: Home sweet home

1. It is an Angiosperm. Yes, definitely. Wargh, I do not know this sp. 2. My parent plant blackpepper. They just love gardening 3. I love to arrange candles, then hubby got in my way and play them too. Super like because I let him be part of my memorable childhood 4. My man is showing his skill. My pa leave him with one coconut and he nailed it. Congratulation! 5. Young mango for sambal. We plucked them together. A simple thing like this make me smile. Having a walk with him around my house, fooling and cuddling is a bliss moment. May this happiness last forever, Amin 6. Hubby and my pa. He's really good at wrenching my heart with that smile! Love you baby! 7. At my mom in law's house. I gave this orchid to her once and its bloom! 8. My ma's roses. It's blooming beautifully as I went Dungun last week. I really love my home. It's a stress free place! 


  1. I love your kampung, dear! Jom balik kampung lagi (^_^)

  2. Yeay, glad u love it sayang. Jom jom balik kampung!