20 September 2012

Letting go~

I am in the process of letting go this blog. Priorities and commitments are just shifted, therefore it's a little hard to compromise. But I am still posting at the other blog of mine which currently under construction. Sounds like I dump this blog for the other one, right? Haha. What I love most about the other blog is, it represents me. The colors, header, writings, the layout/ order/ arrangement, and everything in it, represent the current/ mature me. Damsel in bliss recorded the young version of me who trying to find maturity, and constantly evolve from times to times. I can see myself develop in here and so it became personal. For friends and bloggers that I adore, I will follow you guys from the other blog of mine and drop a comment, so you will notice that I am still alive. Huhu. 

Aside from house duties and students responsibilities, I am organizing and updating a wedding boutique's blog. Part-time work doing stuff that I like is not a burden at all. Life is running a little difficult, diverge and reflected in so many random ways, in which a little hard to control and adapt. What left now is the courage to continue moving on, face it, and believe that life will get better in times. I am not afraid of changing. I do love this blog, but half of my heart is not here anymore. I may keep this blog as personal blog as many memories were kept here, and maybe posting some personal stuffs once in a while. 

So that's it. From the bottom of my heart, forgive me if I did hurt any of you guys out there. May you guys find happiness in what ever you do in life.