31 August 2012

Wedding day, 17th February 2012

I have not posted pictures of my wedding day before. I may have posted couple of pictures but I kept most of them privately. We maybe considered as old love birds but hopefully this captured moment will last forever in our minds, our beloved minds, and our future too. On wedding, I definitely love the white-pink gown of mine! Years ago, I designed quite a similar dress for my wedding and really glad that I found it. Not to mention I am the first woman to wear that gown. I made my own hand bouquet because I am not satisfied with the prepared one. I decorated gifts for my man too. The combination of pink, fuchsia, cream, and green were my forever choice of colors though I would love to add in purple. I hand over my favorite color to my man. 

To tell the truth, I was not planned to have a big budget wedding. But wedding was not just about ourselves. There were others that we needed to include in. Parent, kin, and etc. I too was not demanded for high mahar. I do not want to be the center of attention. A little pose here and there is enough. About the make-up, I really did not like it. Too thick yet it was too late to adjust it. No need to make me look fair or white, no need to highlighted my eyebrows, I just demanded for natural make up. For outing at Rantau Abang and Kg Mangkuk Setiu, I did the make up myself and totally happy with it. Just eyeliner, loose powder, and lipstic. Done! For those who are going to get marry, if you need to print out the sample make up that you want, just print it okai. The purple gown that I rented for the second day of wedding was not fit to my size. It was too skinny and I can't fit in. The boutique's owner forgot to adjust it. Haha. It was a last minute adjustment from the beautician. Last minute means a few minutes before we go to my husband's house. After the wedding, husband and I gave the wedding boutique (in Dungun) a big X. We paid quite a lot of money yet the services were not satisfying. 

Despite a few shortcomings, we were extremely happy. A huge relief after the ceremony ended. I sincerely thanked my parent especially my mom for working so hard for my event, neighbors for helping us with the foods, friends especially Fariq Atrash and Najlaa' Nasuha for capturing those beautiful images, siblings especially my bro Shairil Azrul and sister Nur Hidayah for accompanying me from wearing my last-minute henna to the end. 

And to my husband, thank you for choosing me as your soul mate. I am a woman with flaws. I may not be able to give you the best of the world, but I definitely can give you the best of me. Marrying you is the best thing that ever happen to me. I heart you dearly. 

I look tall right? Well I am genetically tall, and love all the pictures that make me look even taller. Hehe. Hubby said I am pretty with my natural look. Blushing~Ngeeeeee. Even today, I still went blushed everytime he praises me. Want more pictures? Feel free to visit us!

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