30 September 2010

98% vs 2%

"OMG, have u read what he post on his fb wall? i wouldnt wrote that if i were him"
"OMG, she told the whole world she's cute. Eeeee, what a shame"
"Hey, have u see this vid? she's weird!"
"Do she have to tell the whole world she's bla bla bla"

Those are just example of phrases that 98% people tend to say when they disagree of something. Hey, let them say what they wanna say or share. If u dont like it, then dont see or read it. close ur eyes, dont read. please take care of your mouth, and heart too..k? dis is a lil reminder, apply to me too. There's so many kind of people in dis world. we may found them weird, geek, or freak. but dont u think, dats what make our world seem so beautiful and delightful..

Some may disagree. hey, its normal to talk or gossip about it. we r just human being. well yes, you r normal. the 98% group. i wanna be in the other 2% group (^_^) chayo2!

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